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  • Equipment Engineer
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Prepare and review equipment-related documents, establish relevant equipment operating instructions, and conduct regular reviews.

    2. Plan and execute equipment improvement activities.

    3. Operate production equipment, perform inspections, maintain records, and oversee daily management.

    4. Audit the equipment quality system and on-site management to ensure compliance with the quality management system requirements.

    5. Manage large-scale equipment maintenance and coordinate external specialized assistance. Supervise equipment inspections, usage, and maintenance processes to ensure optimal equipment performance.

    6. Handle equipment procurement and spare parts management.

    7. Collect and analyze statistical data on equipment status, and regularly provide relevant reports to senior management.

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  • Electrical Engineer
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Take charge of electrical technical support and audits in project construction engineering. Review and optimize technical programs and technical drawings provided by electrical equipment suppliers.

    2. Coordinate solutions and address changes in on-site construction plans. Oversee and control on-site construction progress and quality. 

    3. Collaborate with the project manager to manage on-site electrical installations.

    4. Ensure the resolution of issues identified during acceptance, and conduct follow-up inspections to verify rectifications.

    5.Monitor spare parts inventory and develop annual, quarterly, and monthly maintenance plans for the power system. 

    6. Organize and execute maintenance activities, and ensure timely procurement of necessary materials.

    7. Assume responsibility for energy conservation initiatives and continuous improvement efforts.

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  • Battery Process Engineer
    Central Java, Indonesia

    1. Possess a deep understanding of the solar cell manufacturing process, with expertise in at least two of the following areas: crystalline silicon cell-related wet processes, vacuum coating, laser technology, high-temperature processes, and metallization.

    2. Proficient in analyzing electrical performance parameters of batteries and employing various testing and characterization methods. Actively participate in experimental projects, track progress, and process data, while also offering improvement suggestions.

    3. Take responsibility for introducing new materials and developing innovative technologies within the manufacturing process. Collaborate closely with the production team to address any anomalies or abnormalities.

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